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Beauty, Makeup / 17.07.2015

T Found-4963I’m no makeup guru (although I do admire their craft) but I do like to polish my look so I try my best. I have been looking for a simple regimen to take to when Patrice isn’t available to whip my face into shape. As a former drugstore foundation girl looking to better her skin, I wanted something sheer and lightweight to keep my pores from clogging. I also wanted something formulated with better, healthier and more natural ingredients so that exactly what I told the makeup girls at Sephora.
Fashion / 14.07.2015

Slice of LA-4102   The beau has always requested that we wake up early to take advantage of the "Golden hour" when shooting for the blog. Pressing snooze on my alarm clock happens far too often and the perfect conditions for photography pass before we get out. Normally, we'd be pressed for cover, completely shaded and away from the sun. Instead we opted to embrace the relentless sun, sweat, sticky fabrics and just go for it. Whatever works, as long as we get the shots right?
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