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Fashion / 22.03.2015

Spot and Dot-9329

I'm sorry about being late to post. In other news; it's Sunday, which means it's fun-day!! :)  I hope you all are having a fantastic Sunday.  If you aren't , try to find a way to change that. It's a beautiful day in southern California! If you're cooped up and stuck in crappy weather, make today about family. Cherish the ones you love by spending time with them. Play a game, sing some songs, or dance the day away.  I love you all :) Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

Fashion / 18.03.2015

Mission Inn Possible-8346Spring is finally here and its time to pull out the pastels and color. Yippie! People get happier and energies are brighter. I'm sure we all are looking for a bit more color in our lives.  There wont be much of a change in my wardrobe though besides the amount of material. I've never minded wearing colors outside of the traditional each season and I wont start now! Warmer days also means I get lazier haha...hence this everlasting top bun I've been rocking lately. Someone come do my hair please...
Fashion / 16.03.2015

Order In A Court-7642Hey lovelies, Ahh.. being 22  has been full of surprises.  I spent this year discovering  a lot about myself. I've learned a lot and realized life is too short to not make the best out of it. I nearly lost my life, twice. Which also helped shift my perspective and allowed me to focus on myself and the people I love. Ultimately God has blessed me, I got to
Fashion / 12.03.2015


I love birthdays,  I don't understand  why people under 25 don't really celebrate it. This year has been full of obstacles and blessings that i'll talk to you lovelies about a little later.  This shoot was taken on my 23rd birthday and  I just want to say thank you to you all who wished me a happy birthday. I appreciate all the love, you all truly made my day. Hope you enjoy!

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