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Fashion / 08.03.2015

White Reactor-5664Hey loves! My spirit has been under attack as of late. As my birthday approaches (tomorrow), I've been thinking about all the things that should've been done by now that haven't been and I can't lie, it's weighing on me.  I constantly have to remind myself that this is what my 20's are all about. Oh, but the very few I have left. *Sigh* Pray for me. 
Fashion / 26.02.2015

Bennie & The Jets-1

My brother says I look like Elton John, what do y'all think?  Lol Sam ( our Photographer ) has been trying to have either Thaina or myself shoot here for weeks but we just couldn't see his vision.  Since i'm such a lovely sister I decided to feed his hungry eyes. I didn't know what to do with my body, but  here's my attempt at coordinating an eclectic look to satisfy this wall. Hope you enjoy! :)

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