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Fashion / 11.05.2015

Little Italy--2Elle Louise Designs did it with this dress!  It's so spunky and fun, I felt like a Mod princess all day. The scallop detail and sheer sleeves are sheer perfection! I was lucky to purchase the very last one in stock. It was totally meant to be. I have to figure something out to curb the the wrinkle factor next wear, but still, completely in love...
Fashion / 07.05.2015

Blueish Shade of Grey-9550 Grey hair is so beautiful!! I've grown up watching the woman in my life spend time running away from the thought of it.  I guess that's what drove my recent facination with it. I've always told my mom once my grey starts peaking through I'm just gunna rock it.   I guess you can say this is me  testing out how cool it'll be  or simply  living in my moment.
Fashion / 05.05.2015

Blue Cross-8368I'm a sucker for a timeless dress that's all about the silhouette. There was no denying the fun contrast detailing on this number or how  after slipping it on I felt "Ka pow!" I live for pieces that make me feel good...don't we all?!  Super matchy with the heels for once. I'm kinda digging it,  I think I'll make an effort to match more often. 
Fashion / 03.05.2015

Swoosh-8779Hey loves! We were so close to sleeping in and taking a lazy sunday but we woke up early just to shoot these looks for you, cause thats just how much we love you! No, we're not always out and about when we shoot, sometimes we just get up and shoot. Gotta love that blogger life! 
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