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Fashion / 14.05.2015

    Black White Read All Over-0750 Hey everyone!! Forgive me for posting so late, on the up side, it's finally raining in Southern California. (Ahhh.. )  This rain has been so long overdue. I love rainy days that I get to spend  in bed.  I'm spending the rest of this day snuggled up, with my candle lit and window cracked.  I hope your day is as zen as mine is going to be.
Fashion / 11.05.2015

Little Italy--2Elle Louise Designs did it with this dress!  It's so spunky and fun, I felt like a Mod princess all day. The scallop detail and sheer sleeves are sheer perfection! I was lucky to purchase the very last one in stock. It was totally meant to be. I have to figure something out to curb the the wrinkle factor next wear, but still, completely in love...
Fashion / 07.05.2015

Blueish Shade of Grey-9550 Grey hair is so beautiful!! I've grown up watching the woman in my life spend time running away from the thought of it.  I guess that's what drove my recent facination with it. I've always told my mom once my grey starts peaking through I'm just gunna rock it.   I guess you can say this is me  testing out how cool it'll be  or simply  living in my moment.
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