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Fashion / 07.04.2015

Up Not Out-13Feeling a bit under the weather hence the not so basic, basics. Sam (the beau) calls this look Amish Chic. He always has a witty title for the things I wear. I don't intend to dress is in costume but apparently I sometimes do. C'est la vie. 
Fashion / 31.03.2015

Surreal California Oranges-15Hey lovelies! My day didn't start off with grapefruit picking plans but when we drove past these Gorgeous orchards on the way back from running errands, we just had to stop. Here's my sweet and casual look for the morning. Hope you have a delectable day! 
Fashion / 27.03.2015

Spring Canopy-1 TGIF! ...and I say that with as much emphasis as possible. This week was a productive but a difficult one. I'm looking forward to some weekend rejuvenation! I hope you enjoy our looks du Jour. Bisous Bisous!
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