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Fashion / 08.02.2015


This rain has me ALL up in my thoughts so I’ve decided to get a little personal with you today if you don’t mind…. A woman. What does she look like? How is she to act? Think? This doesn’t have a black or white answer and everyone has a different opinion about it, but my opinion (in a nutshell) is this:
Fashion / 05.02.2015

Sometime during this week I  found myself apologizing for who I am.  After some thought  I realized; I never have to apologize for what makes me. In this world we've been taught  "we have to impress others to be liked".  But really, I found that being confident and comfortable with who you are works out best.  A while ago someone once told me if you don't  take control of who you are  someone  else will try and take control  of you.  For the remaining of the week I want to challenge you to focus on the BEaUty in you.

Fashion / 03.02.2015

suited (8 of 15)

There’s something undeniably striking about a woman in classics like a suit. She evokes power, strength and isn’t willing to let her light be dimmed by her counterparts. She’s just as efficient in her work place if not more so, and would never ever compromise and ounce of her femininity. She’s analytic, calm, collected and effortless in conquering her projects. At least that’s how I see her. *shrugs*

We’re all about dressing how you want to feel and aren’t willing to wait for an office to dress like “her” so we put on our dress slacks and went for it. The office will come soon enough….

Fashion / 01.02.2015

superbowlsunday (8 of 9) 5 minutes to snap some ootd before meetings? No problem.  Any wind or drizzle is being used as an opportunity to capitalize on "winter." Winter, such an unfamiliar word now haha. I vaguely remember the days of wearing Northface coats and earmuffs. Anyway, I really respect the fashionistas that can wear layers upon layers and still look well put together. Here's my attempt at California Winter wear!
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