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Fashion / 22.12.2014

This is one of the many times we've coordinated without planning. You've seen Nayshi a while ago when we coordinated here.  Luckily, we had Sam to capture it! Oh, and peep the rad two-toned clutch she made. Look out for her line coming soon....
Fashion / 07.12.2014

If you're ever in downtown Riverside, California it would be remiss not to make a stop at The Vanity Haus. Address? Its 3653 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501. You're welcome! The store is completely lavished with new, Gorgeous and unique pieces but I scored this polished gem on their sweet vintage rack in the back of the store for a very very humble price. Oh, and I'm a "Vanity Girl" for the cool owners at the shop so maybe/ hopefully I'll see you there!
Fashion / 03.12.2014

Clearly I have no problem breaking the rules of "fashion." All blue, pastels, florals in December and completely unapologetic for it. Some rules are meant to be broken. After all, that's what makes style personal! I almost opted for a nude lip over the berry but the boyfriend told me to go bold. I'm happy I listened!
Fashion / 30.11.2014

I hope you all had the loveliest of thanksgivings this year. I know I sure did!  This year the family kept things pretty intimate with close family, the closest of friends and great food! As if we didn't stuff our faces enough, we made a late night stop at Krispy Kreme the following day. I know...horrible. I'll definitely most likely be starting a cleanse soon.
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