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Fashion / 02.01.2015

The sun has set on 2014 and the fresh experiences of 2015 are emerging. 2014 was HUGE for me and my family! Sure, there were losses and countless stressful days of just trying to get through, but seriously, there were too many blessings to count. I've been signed to Willow Model Management which has opened so many doors, I'm an ABA therapist (seriously, the funnest and most rewarding job....outside of modeling), my boyfriend's face was completely healed from being severely burned, my sister survived a car accident and a near death experience; the list continues. God has been so good and I expect him to be even Greater this year.  Just wait on it.... These photos were taken in the gorgeous upper west side of New York. On NYE of 2014 I said I'd be watching the ball drop on New Years 2015 so I'm here. I'm all about rich experiences these days, life is too short to go without them.

Fashion / 25.12.2014

When I happened upon this piece in The Vanity Haus I was like "oh, this is wayyyy too good." I wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity to make this statement, so here I am wrapped and ready to be put under the Christmas tree! Secrets Des Soeurs wishes you a very Merry  Christmas! We hope your day is as beautiful as you are...
Fashion / 22.12.2014

This is one of the many times we've coordinated without planning. You've seen Nayshi a while ago when we coordinated here.  Luckily, we had Sam to capture it! Oh, and peep the rad two-toned clutch she made. Look out for her line coming soon....
Fashion / 07.12.2014

If you're ever in downtown Riverside, California it would be remiss not to make a stop at The Vanity Haus. Address? Its 3653 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501. You're welcome! The store is completely lavished with new, Gorgeous and unique pieces but I scored this polished gem on their sweet vintage rack in the back of the store for a very very humble price. Oh, and I'm a "Vanity Girl" for the cool owners at the shop so maybe/ hopefully I'll see you there!
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