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Fashion / 05.11.2014

It's FINALLY jacket weather and I'm so excited to be play with layers but I have a few summer beauties that I'm not ready to stow away just yet. My prediction is that you'll see me sporting glimpses of summer year round.  Sue me...but please don't. Anyway, this shoot had me humming  Lenny Kravitz "Fly Away". I know, I know. I thought it was perfect too.
Fashion / 08.10.2014

This outfit is an accurate depiction of the style I am currently coveting; relaxed and comfortable with a hint of Glam. I've been spending a lot more time in the makeup chair and in fancy dresses for modeling. I'm ABSOLUTELY loving every moment of it, but when I have a day off more than likely I've been saying no to heels and restrictive silhouettes. But the world is my runway so of course, I'm taking those days with a shot of class. This H&M jumpsuit (seen here) is just what the doctor ordered. It's sold out online but so worth rummaging the stores for!  I kept my look polished by pairing my glitter accents with basic gold accessories.
Fashion / 05.10.2014

God works in the most mysteriously beautiful ways. As I think about how the things I've wanted or thought I needed so bad don't seem to work out, God always seems to bring me to a space of realization. Either I wasn't ready for it or it wasn't ready for me. Sometimes that realization is so hard to accept; it takes looking back over my life  to see how God works it all out for what's good. Knowing everything you go through good or bad  is a part of Gods plan for you is everything.  He loves you and will see you through it all. We weren't meant to go through life alone that's what he's there for. Count your blessings, love hard and put God first. I promise, everything will fall into place in the end.
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