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Fashion / 01.02.2015

superbowlsunday (8 of 9) 5 minutes to snap some ootd before meetings? No problem.  Any wind or drizzle is being used as an opportunity to capitalize on "winter." Winter, such an unfamiliar word now haha. I vaguely remember the days of wearing Northface coats and earmuffs. Anyway, I really respect the fashionistas that can wear layers upon layers and still look well put together. Here's my attempt at California Winter wear!
Fashion / 29.01.2015

This week I've been thinking about "what it takes to be a fashion blogger", What we do is often underestimated.  At first I thought it'll be easy to just put outfits together and take a nice picture. However, its so much more then that. You have to be strong, creative, consistent  and focused.  You'll find out who your REAL supporters are and they often aren't the people you know.  Most people think you're full of yourself, and that was the hardest for me to accept because we're absolutely NOT we just love fashion ,beauty and have a platform to share. Despite all that it comes with; blogging has built my character in ways I'm loving.  I'm becoming more in love with who God created me to be and that's all that I ever wanted, to be a better me.

Here are some pictures of me rocking one of my favorite hats I snagged from Cotton on.  ENJOY :)

Fashion / 27.01.2015

yellow-cape (9 of 10) This jacket was one of the few gems added to my collection from the little vintage shop I worked in last year. II stared at it for about three weeks before making the investment to call it my own. After finally purchasing it, I put it in my closet and haven't put it to use until now. I know, horrible! It's the perfect piece to instantly lift your mood and Lord knows, I needed it. Happy Tuesday!
Fashion / 25.01.2015

b4tracks (12 of 12) Half the fun when taking blog photos is scouting out locations. I’m almost certain driving up this dirt path to get close to these tracks was illegal but when Sam (boyfriend/photographer) has a vision anything can go down. Almost every time its completely worth it…almost. hehe
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