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Fashion / 01.09.2014

Hello my loves; happy Labor day!!! This Labor day I challenge you to not only think of today as a day of rest, but to think of today as a day of appreciation and hopefully be inspired. Remember and appreciate the various labor association's strength and contribution to the  economy. By thinking on these contributions hopefully you're inspired to  join a campaign or discover a way to serve in your local community. From the tragedies this year in #Ferguson to #BringBackOurGirls in Africa, there is always something to be a part of; our "community" is often lacking the thing that really makes us a community. We should be a community that exudes love, compassion and forgiveness. Together we can and will make the world a better place, just one step at a time :). Once again, Happy Labor day! Enjoy!

Fashion / 05.08.2014

Oh, just channeling my inner romance for this overdue blog post after sauntering through the streets of Mission Inn.  The dim lighting and gothic architecture elicits a sultry and intimate feeling all on its own. I paired this midriff bearing top with a loose and flirty skirt for a youthful feel.  I hope you like it!
Fashion / 10.07.2014

Good Morning Loves!  Thai and I have been blessed enough to be considered by Grayson Shop as canvases for a few of their amazing pieces. Someone once told me "It's all about who you know." Networking happens to be very powerful. Grayson Shop and the beautiful Enocha, our childhood friend  and owner of locksandtrinkets.com , have been working together for quite a while. Enocha pitched us as bloggers to watch .... and BAM here we are LOL .I hope you enjoy these awesome pieces that I picked from their line.  If you would like to purchase any of these pieces you can find them at  ( www.GraysonShop.com).

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