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Fashion / 22.01.2014

I spent my four- day weekend just bumming it trying to recover from this cold/flu that I got. :/... Anyway, have you ever had one of those days when you don't feel pretty and you just don't want to get out the bed?! That was me this weekend, very unhealthy. On top of being sick I found myself so unmotivated. For me, that can become a week long feeling. Relationships are one of the most important things to me , so I decided to text a couple friends to see if they want to hangout to get me out this funk. They knew the exact things to say to get me motivated again. I got to start my school week feeling confident and uplifted. Everyone needs a pick me up, find that thing, those people or places that get you out that funk and get you the most out of your days. Remember you're in control of you. Have a blessed day!(:
Fashion / 16.01.2014

Why is moving on so damn hard?! UGH! It's very frustrating, but also very possible. Think about that past relationship that you thought was going to be forever and where you are now. You've moved on right?! I find that comparing where you were and how you always overcame helps with any shackling situation. Today in therapy our goal was to help me find my "strength" to overcome when I feel weak. Not just with relationships, but in general....  How the heck do I do that? Brings us back to what I've talked about in my previous post, evaluating ourselves! So i've been thinking, when are the times I feel most consumed and occupied?...... Watching netflix  or working out. Amen to 24/7 Planet Fitness  and 8 dollars a month movies. lol (sigh of relief) Now I know these are things I can turn to whenever that weak feeling comes. We'll see how this works... I find that what you allow is what will continue. If you want to move past something that seems impossible take baby steps that'll get you there. Remember nothing is impossible, get to know yourself, figure out your strengths, we all have some.
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