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Fashion / 05.10.2014

God works in the most mysteriously beautiful ways. As I think about how the things I've wanted or thought I needed so bad don't seem to work out, God always seems to bring me to a space of realization. Either I wasn't ready for it or it wasn't ready for me. Sometimes that realization is so hard to accept; it takes looking back over my life  to see how God works it all out for what's good. Knowing everything you go through good or bad  is a part of Gods plan for you is everything.  He loves you and will see you through it all. We weren't meant to go through life alone that's what he's there for. Count your blessings, love hard and put God first. I promise, everything will fall into place in the end.
Fashion / 03.10.2014

Awareness includes the openness and ability to recognize that differences exist and how sometimes it shapes reality in inequitable and unjust ways. I have these inclinations that people do deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt. And at other times I believe people really think, they don't owe you shit. So why give them that benefit? Through overthinking, praying and my little knowledge on understanding the universe i know that "What goes around does comes back around" . I've come to the conclusion that its inevitable for people to disapoint you ! LOL. Being hurt, disappointed or disheartened  is inevitable.  Possibly you can predict it, but you can't control it. Everyone has been hurt in some way and  as a result some harden their hearts, others use that hurt to love harder. Along with the many other dynamics that make us human we all still have some things in common and accepting that is important. For me, one of the pieces to this life puzzle is awareness. Like I've once mentioned in a previous post, know yourself.  If you don't know yourself ; its time to learn! Recognize what you can and won't accept, listen to your gut and sometimes give your heart some time to catch up with your mind to make the best decisions for YOU ! :)
Fashion / 30.09.2014

As of late I've formed a little obsession with probing those around me with questions until I get a glimpse of their truest thoughts and deepest desires. So often people (myself included) opt to hide behind a wall of general statements that keep interaction to a minimum rather than sharing themselves with others. Being an extroverted introvert, I get it, sometimes you just want to keep to yourself. But why live life as a one man army when you have so many good people to share it with? Anywho, SoCal finally took a day off our extended summer and blessed us with semi fall weather.  Of course, I took advantage!
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