Healthy Living, In the Kitchen / 22.10.2013

Good morning lovelies! The boyfriend and I thought we'd get a little creative with our breakfast. If you don't limit yourself you'll be intrigued by the amount of yummy recipes you can come up with using the ingredients that you have. We put a spin on both the oatcakes and persimmon sauce and the combination was magical! My mom absolutely loved it! It is definitely one we'll be making again. Let me know how you like it if you end up cooking it yourself!

Fashion / 20.10.2013

Hey lovelies! This Sabbath I decided to keep it classy with a vintage sheath dress. I took some photos with my lovely friend Nayshi to share with you! Her choice of attire was timeless and perfect for the white collar 9-5. I thought our looks complimented each other and took it as an opportunity for a mini shoot. With that, we give you "The Business Woman."

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