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Fashion / 22.09.2014

  We're winding down to the last few hours until Fall and if I open one more tab of something I need want or am inspired by, I'm afraid my mac will crash. This season I'm dreaming of more structured silhouettes, pastels, stacked jewels, crocodile booties, chunky sweaters, sexy leather and lace. Links to buy items below!   Nastygal out of the blue skirt, Suzywan Deluxe Tassel Earrings, Rag and Bone Distressed jeans, H&M leather boots,...

Fashion / 07.09.2014

Visiting LA always transports me to a higher dimension of self. I quench my thirst for energy and inspiration even after the hour drive (sometimes two). What I love about the city, even more than all of the beaches, hiking, events and delicious foods…. mkay, maybe not more than the food; is that I never experience the same day twice. I crave for new experiences and different flavors of people. I’m enticed by unconventional sources of income and savor the collection of super creative minds. Maybe it isn’t so much that life in LA is more palatable, but that it’s new. I like to change things up! A life with rigid structure and unwavering routines is one too bland for me. Until, I can afford to travel the world, LA will be my guilty pleasure. Ps. To the traditionally fashioned: Call me defiant but I will always wear white all year round.
Fashion / 01.09.2014

Hello my loves; happy Labor day!!! This Labor day I challenge you to not only think of today as a day of rest, but to think of today as a day of appreciation and hopefully be inspired. Remember and appreciate the various labor association's strength and contribution to the  economy. By thinking on these contributions hopefully you're inspired to  join a campaign or discover a way to serve in your local community. From the tragedies this year in #Ferguson to #BringBackOurGirls in Africa, there is always something to be a part of; our "community" is often lacking the thing that really makes us a community. We should be a community that exudes love, compassion and forgiveness. Together we can and will make the world a better place, just one step at a time :). Once again, Happy Labor day! Enjoy!

Fashion / 05.08.2014

Oh, just channeling my inner romance for this overdue blog post after sauntering through the streets of Mission Inn.  The dim lighting and gothic architecture elicits a sultry and intimate feeling all on its own. I paired this midriff bearing top with a loose and flirty skirt for a youthful feel.  I hope you like it!
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