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Fashion / 10.07.2014

Good Morning Loves!  Thai and I have been blessed enough to be considered by Grayson Shop as canvases for a few of their amazing pieces. Someone once told me "It's all about who you know." Networking happens to be very powerful. Grayson Shop and the beautiful Enocha, our childhood friend  and owner of locksandtrinkets.com , have been working together for quite a while. Enocha pitched us as bloggers to watch .... and BAM here we are LOL .I hope you enjoy these awesome pieces that I picked from their line.  If you would like to purchase any of these pieces you can find them at  ( www.GraysonShop.com).

Fashion / 08.07.2014

It's so crazy sometimes... Life, that is! Have you ever stopped in a moment and thought "How did I get here...again?" I never thought I'd be in a situation where I rekindle with my past. Through reading my previous blog posts you can see I leave the past in the past and only look toward the future; but in this situation this piece of my past happens to be really sweet. So I thought to myself,  why not take a chance with it...but do things different this time around. What I'm trying to say is things of the past aren't always bad.  As human beings we mess up, hurt others and even ourselves, but our job is to learn from our mistakes and do better. When you're presented with another opportunity to do something over, make sure you've grown and are ready to do things better.  Also remember second chances are rare so cherish when they come back around.

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