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Fashion / 04.07.2014

Susan B. Anthony said "Independence is happiness"  and I found her words to be true.  Today is the day that America (as a community)  celebrates it's independence from Great Britain with fireworks, barbecues, and fellowship; but I urge you to also look internally to find whatever it is that makes YOU feel free. It's only then that you will be truly happy.
Fashion / 11.06.2014

Hey loves, I only had a few minutes to take pictures and put together a post, however I wanted you to know things with me are just peachy.  I hope you enjoy these picture, I promise I will make more time this week to add a more thought felt and detailed post. Love you all and keep posted.

Fashion / 10.06.2014

I pulled this beauty from the back of my closet for communion Sabbath. I bought it at a bargain price at forever 21 last year. Not too shabby, eh?! As of late, my structural pieces have been less appealing and I've been gravitating to wearing whatever is comfortable and care free. Perhaps my choice of dress is expressive of where I strive to be.  Unrestricted and unbothered with a tasteful amount of impact. There are a few structural gems I'd like to put to work before the heat is unbearable but we will see....
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