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Fashion / 27.05.2014

I'm convinced that sensory triggers are of the devil. LOL It's crazy how things I haven't thought about in years become so prevalent by  certain sights, smells and different environments. Unfortunately, this past week I've been having this problem. Flashbacks can be either good or bad. In my situation it's bad because it's causing me to be selfish. I'm trying not to indulge in matters of the past.  The more I spend time alone to figure this out I realized, the person that I see myself as in the future isn't the same person from my past. I'm DYNAMIC! Those feelings are exactly what I described them as, the past. I'm a different person today then I  will be tomorrow. If you happen to also be struggling with this remember we're meant to evolve, there is a better you to come and  looking back will only set you back.

+Plus, flash forwards are so much better then flashbacks; you have the opportunity to change your future; but the past will forever be the same. :p

Fashion / 26.05.2014

Happy Memorial Day lovelies! I hope you all are spending the day remembering those who've served and spending time with your loved ones. Somewhere between barbecuing and swimming please do yourself a favor and check out our dear friend Gyasi from TheSharperMe.com blog!  His color combinations, use of patterns and the way he pairs the accessories he choses are sheer inspiration for both ladies and gents, I promise you wont be sorry...
Fashion / 13.05.2014

Hello my loves, I miss you! I've been extremely busy lately sometimes it feels  impossible to get a blog post up! Through the hype of life I have to find a place of tranquility.  I know, easier said then done. But here are a few tips that I find that help me; hopefully they'll help you too.

Fashion / 12.05.2014

These past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of good, and to be honest, not so bad. My Honey's face was burned in a grilling accident but he has adopted the name nickname Wolverine because he's healing so fast. As recent as his hospital visit this morning, the doctors reiterated the miracle of his sight remaining in tact because if the burn was close enough to get his cheeks,  eyelids, lashes and eyebrows, he should've lost his sight. But God! Witnessing the love and encouragement he has been receiving has left an overwhelming impression on our hearts. We literally haven't gone two days without friends visiting since. It's a blessing to have love in a world that continues to grow cold. Don't ever take what you have for granted!
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