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Fashion / 06.12.2013

Hey lovelies! I'm so excited that the holidays are here because its the only time of the year I have little regard for the boyfriend's contempt for sequins. He thinks they are reserved for 90-year-olds. I don't understand his sentiment, they are just so pretty! Oh, and of course I wear sequins in the daytime! That's when they sparkle the most. :) 

Fashion / 04.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Today is a good day to share an ootd post with you! I promise I want to blog more but my schedule has been extremely hectic over the past few months. Any-who, in the spirit of Christmas I'm playing it festive in my favorite colors to wear. Black and White! Happy Holidays!

Fashion / 01.12.2013

We love that midi length dresses are becoming less painful to find. They are the epitome of women's wear without the risqué.  Its so easy to get distracted by all the mini's and low cuts because of society's accelerated desire to sell sex. To the designers whose only desire is to make a woman feel beautiful, we thank you!

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