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Fashion / 12.01.2014

Hey lovelies! It's January 12th, the fourth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that had demanded the attention of  the world. We will never forget the helplessness yet resilience of the 3 million people affected people by the tragedy. Friends and Family were frantically trying to contact loved ones. We were worried we'd lose our loved ones to a few moments of shaky ground...and to the 52 following aftershocks. Learning of all of pain and suffering the ones we love were going through was tough on our hearts. It happened so quickly yet did so much damage. I remember being angry at the fact that there was no way to be ready for such an event but then I realized that with every bad situation, something good can be found. The earthquake in Haiti brought community. People everywhere left the comfort of their jobs and homes to help the Haitian people find relief. Over 9 billion dollars has been donated in hopes of reaching and helping those affected to have a brighter future. People watching the news in sorrow at home held their family and friends a little tighter. Today, we are reminded of that feeling and we're also hugging Patrice little tighter. She has a testimony that has taught her every moment counts that she will be sharing with you all tomorrow.

Fashion / 09.01.2014

I decided to take counseling sessions. Some people look down upon it and others speak highly of it. At a point in my life, I was one of those who looked down upon it. I used to always feel/ say counseling is reserved for people with "issues"  (I don't have that), but if we are honest with ourselves we all have some sort of "issues". Now that i'm older I realize you don't have to necessarily have "issues" to go to  counseling . Looking to outlets to either help deal with demons, or simply to vent is  actually quite brave of us. We are recognizing we have a problem and are trying to grow from it or we're just seeking for someone to confide in...either is okay. If we're fine with who we are then the people that matter also should be.

Fashion / 08.01.2014

Good afternoon my loves, I say good afternoon because that's when this will be posted. Today has been a pretty good day. I considered today as my day two of new beginnings because it's the second day of a so far very stress-free school quarter and also my second day of being single. One thing i've learned about myself is my outlook determines my outcome, so I choose happiness. The first step of being happy is evaluate, evaluate yourself. Really figure out what makes you happy then  simply do it.

Fashion / 05.01.2014

Hey lovelies! Confession: I sporadically  regularly use fashion as an opportunity to play dress up. I enjoyed putting on this outfit and adopting the personality of a post war damsel while remaining true to my sense of style. The shape of my skirt is reminiscent of the one I wore in the post Violaceous and Chic (found here). Hint: This fit was definitely inspired by that one. Take a looksie!...How cool is it that we ran into a yellow cab in Riverside, CA?! Yup!

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