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Events, Travel / 22.04.2014

Gooooooood Morning my lovelies! A long ways ago I used to attend a school in Alabama called Oakwood University. This past weekend was their Alumni weekend and I attended. It was cool, met my expectations. I got to reconnect with my old friends which was great. I wanted to find a way to share my journey with you so here's my way of taking you with me.

Fashion / 22.04.2014

Hey lovelies! Lately, I've been an extreme worry wart about any and everything. So much so that it's affecting my faith. My mind wanders throughout the night and I have lucid dreams of things I should be doing, wish could happen, etc.  I came across this article ("article" is a link) called 23 ways to reduce stress and it's been helping! I hope incorporating these methods will help any of you struggling with the same.
Fashion / 31.03.2014

Laaaaadies! Now let me tell you, when I say this installation was amazing, i'm not playing.  We installed this hair on Friday February 6, 2014.  Today is Tuesday April 1, 2014, No TOUCH UPs or RE- installations. Get to know my stylist Breanna Reynolds, she'll hook your hair up!! Also, Below is a weekly update of my hair and a bit about my friend Bree (:

Fashion / 20.03.2014

Hey lovelies! Patrice and I have had a whirlwind of a Winter. Many exams, lots of work, events and many celebrations (Our birthdays and my 4 year anniversary with Sam included)! We're tired, but the first day of spring always feels like a chance for a fresh start. New goals, clean kitchens, linens and the continued pursuit of happiness. By the way, did you know that today is the International day of Happiness? Share a smile, treat yourself and hold your head high because you're beautiful!

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