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Fashion / 26.06.2017

Hey lovelies! The busy-ness of this season has been utterly obnoxious, so I thought to give blogging a break for a bit. But, I love this little corner of the internet that we've created and I don't want to give it up because there's so much to do. There will always be things to do and I want to manage balancing it all. Honestly, this space is good for my mental health and without my mental health there's no room for me to pour into anything else. What keeps you going? I wanna know, drop a comment below :) 
Youtube & Music / 26.06.2017

This weekend, Friday June 23 to be exact.  One of my talented friends Imani Hutton dropped her latest single called "Infinity." It's been a privilege watching her grow. Her dedication of  love and compassion to her music is a reflection of the love and compassion she gives to herself daily.  I am so excited to announce Imani is coming out with an album called "The Climb". It'll be available on August 23rd. Until then, lets learn a little about the artist behind the sound...
Fashion / 29.05.2017

I wore this suit for a busy day of meetings and fitting for a charity fashion show. I wanted to wear something with personality that felt comfortable for the type of day I had planned, considering that makeup and heels were a no go for me.  Super matchy matchy is new to me but that's the fun part of styling- trying out things you wouldn't normally consider. Night shooting is also new but there's only so much daylight and I wanted to share. See you in the next post!
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