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Fashion / 14.03.2014

Hey lovelies! I know it's been a while since we did our last post but we have been extremely busy. Good busy though! Not an excuse but please accept our apologies as we're learning to balance our schedules. But for now we have something special for you!  :) A friday feature with Sharlene of Sharlendipity.com! This beauty and her impeccable vintage taste caught my attention via mutual friends on Instagram and I just had to share her with you! Here's what we learned about Sharlene.
Fashion / 27.02.2014

Good Morning my lovelies! It's been forever since I've spoken to you. Honestly, nothing really has been new with me so I didn't know what to write about. A few days ago I was really feeling in tune with myself and life so I decided to dress the part. I hope you enjoy these pictures.
Fashion / 19.02.2014

♫ Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all....♫ I love a great pair of relaxed (men's) Levi's. They're comfortable and they look great with heels. Channeling a 90's character off of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was an afterthought. I must apologize for us being m.i.a on the blog last week. There was a lot going on and we had trouble finding a balance...but i'm here now. :) Love me and embrace me because I love you!

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