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Fashion / 16.01.2014

Why is moving on so damn hard?! UGH! It's very frustrating, but also very possible. Think about that past relationship that you thought was going to be forever and where you are now. You've moved on right?! I find that comparing where you were and how you always overcame helps with any shackling situation. Today in therapy our goal was to help me find my "strength" to overcome when I feel weak. Not just with relationships, but in general....  How the heck do I do that? Brings us back to what I've talked about in my previous post, evaluating ourselves! So i've been thinking, when are the times I feel most consumed and occupied?...... Watching netflix  or working out. Amen to 24/7 Planet Fitness  and 8 dollars a month movies. lol (sigh of relief) Now I know these are things I can turn to whenever that weak feeling comes. We'll see how this works... I find that what you allow is what will continue. If you want to move past something that seems impossible take baby steps that'll get you there. Remember nothing is impossible, get to know yourself, figure out your strengths, we all have some.
Fashion / 15.01.2014

Hey lovelies! Yesterday, I woke up feeling completely uninspired. This H&M t-shirt dress has been my uniform on lazy days. The no fussiness and comfort  of t-shirt dresses are perfect for days you don't want to be bothered. Thankfully, after getting out of the house I mustered up enough energy to get a few things done including changing up our layout! It was time. We hope you find it aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate.
Fashion / 13.01.2014

gun4 I've always been that sheltered girl wanting to experience things for herself. My parents say I don't listen and choose to live my life on the edge. I put myself in situations that I shouldn't, but nothing "bad" ever happened to me so I'm okay... right?!?!  Unfortunately, I've always felt something has to happen to me personally to learn a lesson from it. I know, horrible! I'm stubborn (I'll get over that), but something in me always told me that nothing would ever happen to me that I couldn't overcome...until today when I got held at gunpoint! Very scary. Pineapples! Lesson learned! I'm here to tell this story so obviously I overcame the situation but I know that it wasn't by my will  but because of God's grace. Now for the ah-ha life changing moment. Lately, I haven't seen or understood the purpose of life, its just been so depressing. In this unfortunate circumstance I was brought to realize God really does have a plan for my life, and that brought me so much comfort. I don't understand how I survived but I know while seeing that gun pointed in my face God told me I'm not done with you yet. It's so amazing how God works, even in our worst of situations he will comfort you and let you know how purposeful and valuable you are,  just listen for it! GOSH, WE ARE LOVED!
Fashion / 12.01.2014

Hey lovelies! It's January 12th, the fourth anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that had demanded the attention of  the world. We will never forget the helplessness yet resilience of the 3 million people affected people by the tragedy. Friends and Family were frantically trying to contact loved ones. We were worried we'd lose our loved ones to a few moments of shaky ground...and to the 52 following aftershocks. Learning of all of pain and suffering the ones we love were going through was tough on our hearts. It happened so quickly yet did so much damage. I remember being angry at the fact that there was no way to be ready for such an event but then I realized that with every bad situation, something good can be found. The earthquake in Haiti brought community. People everywhere left the comfort of their jobs and homes to help the Haitian people find relief. Over 9 billion dollars has been donated in hopes of reaching and helping those affected to have a brighter future. People watching the news in sorrow at home held their family and friends a little tighter. Today, we are reminded of that feeling and we're also hugging Patrice little tighter. She has a testimony that has taught her every moment counts that she will be sharing with you all tomorrow.

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