Fashion / 20.05.2013

I clearly underestimated SoCal's knack for unpredictable weather. Ergo, the layered denim and a beanie on a sunny 90 degree day. Yikes! Next time I'll check with Mr. Weatherman before leaving the house but for now I'll brave the heat and strut regardless. I bring you denim on denim with a touch of neon. :)

Events / 19.05.2013

Last night the Beau and I accompanied some good people for food and entertainment at BHPSA's (Black Health Professional Student Association) all white masquerade banquet at Loma Linda University. We got so caught up in socializing that we almost forgot to take any pictures at all! Before the night was over we were able to take a few informal shots. Here are a few of the lovely people and images that made the cut.

Fashion / 13.05.2013

Hey there :) Sabbath Service was something to resonate with, for sure! Pastor  Kelly (our senior pastor) is doing a series called "Everybody needs a Superhero". He has an interesting way of using what is current in the media and adding spiritual applications to it. This Sabbath he spoke about Wonder Woman and her unwillingness to settle for anything less than a Superman. If you aren't attending Mt.Rubidoux Church, I strongly suggest you to check the sermons out online. They can be found at I promise you won't regret it! Now to the details of our Sabbath looks....

Fashion / 02.05.2013

Spring is in full effect and the "caged" look is a sexy trend that has taken over the runway and the streets. I don't attempt to follow what's trendy but I'm a sucker for clothing with a bit of edge so this is a look that appealed to me. Here are some photos of "cage" being displayed on the spring 2013 runway.                                                                              ...

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