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Fashion / 06.02.2014

  Your thoughts and what comes out of your mouth is what you'll get. To prove that theory I've really been focusing my attention more on my passion for makeup. I've always loved doing makeup, but never thought of being a MUA. It started a few months ago when my friends came over and we got on the subject of "our passions." I've been told everyone has a passion and I really wanted to figure out what mine was. I tried to think of things i've always loved doing but I drew complete blanks. After I gave it some quick thought, I landed on shopping, writing poetry, and spending time with friends. I was happy to have any answer to the question; and hoped to find some peace in the matter. However, I couldn't didn't see shopping, writing, or friends as my true passion. After that day I spoke to one of my closest friends then prayed about it. I realized I needed to spend more time getting to know Me. In the time I spent getting to know myself, I focused on empowering myself and others and being confidently beautiful. Makeup has always made me feel confident and beautiful in a way; and I'm good at it. With time and practice it became my undiscovered passion. I just claim it! I've claimed it and I've been achieving it. I am chasing my dreams of becoming a successful MUA; someone who can share true passion with others. By using makeup I can help others see their own beautiful self.
Fashion / 05.02.2014

I think it's safe to say that I'm utterly obsessed with shooting in vast spaces and that I'm developing a keen eye for the perfect backdrop to bring my personal style story to life. Luckily, I have an awesome photographer that shares my vision and captures the essence of the stories I intend to tell. It isn't the season for this hat or shorts but I woke up inspired by both so I wore them! My boyfriend says I look like a cowgirl, I prefer to just call it "Western".

Fashion / 03.02.2014

I had, quite literally, about 5 minutes and 30 seconds to take some blog photos without being late for work but we were apprehended by this beautifully abandoned post office and we obliged. My Superbowl Sunday started with a groggy morning and a bad hair day met by the quickest blog shoot ever and sifting through and merchandising the most beautiful vintage pieces...and I got there on time! Here's to living on the wild side...
Fashion / 02.02.2014

Happy February lovelies! Sabbath services in February at our church (and our sister church) are particularly special because we celebrate the different cultures of all nations throughout the month. This Sabbath the continent of Africa was celebrated through African music, traditional garb, food, and inspirational words highlighting the importance of pressing forward. It was beautiful! My printed headscarf and Patrice's colorfully trimmed blazer played as our small way to give a nod to the festive details you would see in the traditional African clothing. Yay or Nay?
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