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Fashion / 30.01.2014

Hey my lovelies! One of the most unfortunate realities of life is that misery love company. I often feel like I'm being judged for what I do and the decisions I make for myself. Even the things that I wear and school that I attend seems to be a problem to some people. If I wear makeup, I'm asked "Where do you think you're going?" When I'm doing my homework, I get comments like "Oh, Patrice  is too good to pay attention to us right now. She has homework". I'm a very sensitive person and I believe everything you say joking or not derives from some truth.  Even though these comments bother me, I'm choosing to believe some good can come out of any situation. You know how I've been saying you are in control of your life?!... You cant control things that others say and do to you but you CAN control your reaction. Being the sensitive person I am, comments like those could be a bit damaging so I do what I need to do in order to protect myself. I use that negative energy to boost up my confidence. If I wasn't seen as some type of intimidation to them, there wouldn't be anything to question about me. I must be doing something right! Now when I hear comments of that sort,  I'm at peace. I stay  silent  and  smile, which motivates me to just focus on what makes me happy and be that much better of a person that I can be.  Remember to take control and own your power because people will try to snatch it from you.
Fashion / 28.01.2014

Lately I've been inspired by all things delicate, from the dew drops of early morning and the fallen petals of a flower to fluffy pillows and lace curtains. Pastel colors, the characters for soft and easy, have nestled their way into my wardrobe and will remain through Spring. Yea, I'm a few months early but who cares when it's warm outside?! ;-) 
Fashion / 26.01.2014

Hey lovelies! We both put together these simple but classy looks for Sabbath.  I promise we don't plan to coordinate! It just turns out that way sometimes. Maybe we woke up in the same mood... I don't know ;-) but anyway, we call this Monochrome Pop.

Fashion / 22.01.2014

I spent my four- day weekend just bumming it trying to recover from this cold/flu that I got. :/... Anyway, have you ever had one of those days when you don't feel pretty and you just don't want to get out the bed?! That was me this weekend, very unhealthy. On top of being sick I found myself so unmotivated. For me, that can become a week long feeling. Relationships are one of the most important things to me , so I decided to text a couple friends to see if they want to hangout to get me out this funk. They knew the exact things to say to get me motivated again. I got to start my school week feeling confident and uplifted. Everyone needs a pick me up, find that thing, those people or places that get you out that funk and get you the most out of your days. Remember you're in control of you. Have a blessed day!(:
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