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Fashion / 12.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Mkay, I'm pushing it just a little with the frost in the title. I actually wish I could experience snow this year. Just on Christmas day then I'll be ready for spring weather. I may be exposing my weirdness when I say this but I really truly do feel that God helps me shop. I'm serious. He knows what I love and he's our friend so why wouldn't he help me shop?! I never rarely visit the mall these days but I randomly had a strong urge to buy a new hat. In lieu of the hat I bought this chic and comfy coat...at h&m....for 50% off. In fact, a lot of their outerwear is discounted right now so you should definitely check it out! I'll link other discounted coats I have my eye on in the details section.

Fashion / 06.12.2013

Hey lovelies! I'm so excited that the holidays are here because its the only time of the year I have little regard for the boyfriend's contempt for sequins. He thinks they are reserved for 90-year-olds. I don't understand his sentiment, they are just so pretty! Oh, and of course I wear sequins in the daytime! That's when they sparkle the most. :) 

Fashion / 04.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Today is a good day to share an ootd post with you! I promise I want to blog more but my schedule has been extremely hectic over the past few months. Any-who, in the spirit of Christmas I'm playing it festive in my favorite colors to wear. Black and White! Happy Holidays!

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