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Fashion / 05.01.2014

Hey lovelies! Confession: I sporadically  regularly use fashion as an opportunity to play dress up. I enjoyed putting on this outfit and adopting the personality of a post war damsel while remaining true to my sense of style. The shape of my skirt is reminiscent of the one I wore in the post Violaceous and Chic (found here). Hint: This fit was definitely inspired by that one. Take a looksie!...How cool is it that we ran into a yellow cab in Riverside, CA?! Yup!

Fashion / 29.12.2013

Hey lovelies! As the year comes to an end and we ponder on our mistakes of the year past and  prepare the inevitable resolutions, I'm receiving a message to give and share more in the new year. Sometimes we get so caught up in getting our lives together that we forget how important it is to give back. In 2014, I'll be making more of a conscious effort to share my gift of giving to the world. I urge you to think about the changes you'll be making in the new year that benefits your community. No looking back!..and with that, I bring you Backless Beauties.  ( See what I did there?! ) hehe. I can't help that Im cheesy.

Fashion / 25.12.2013

Merry Christmas lovelies! We hope you all are taking the time to appreciate not just the physical possessions but the gift of life, health,  love, family and such. This season, we've chosen not to exchange the tangible gifts but the gift of love. :) Our family enjoyed a free Christmas event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion last night and a holiday party. This is what we wore.

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