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Fashion / 18.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Yesterday I picked up some friends from the airport and we spent the day hanging out in the LA area. In between shopping, dining and attending an evening event, Sam was  able to snap a few pics of my day outfit at Santa Monica beach for this post. I've attached some links for you at the end of this post. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are!

Fashion / 16.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Winter in California fluctuates often and you're either going to love it or hate it.  This past weekend Thai decided to enjoy the weather by putting on a summertime sunflower dress and I decided to keep it fresh by pairing some red, black and white together. I hope these looks inspire you in some way.

Fashion / 12.12.2013

Hey lovelies! Mkay, I'm pushing it just a little with the frost in the title. I actually wish I could experience snow this year. Just on Christmas day then I'll be ready for spring weather. I may be exposing my weirdness when I say this but I really truly do feel that God helps me shop. I'm serious. He knows what I love and he's our friend so why wouldn't he help me shop?! I never rarely visit the mall these days but I randomly had a strong urge to buy a new hat. In lieu of the hat I bought this chic and comfy coat...at h&m....for 50% off. In fact, a lot of their outerwear is discounted right now so you should definitely check it out! I'll link other discounted coats I have my eye on in the details section.

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