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Fashion / 06.09.2013

Hey lovelies! I've developed an appreciation for the juxtaposition of a feminine clutch and heels paired with boyish shapes. I've always admired the late Aaliyah's style but was never gutsy enough to pull it off. I had to wear heels to stay in my comfort zone! I played out the rest of today's look with self-distressed Levi's and a referee loose fitting crop top. Hope you enjoy!

Fashion / 12.08.2013

I can't sleep and I'm in the posting mood so cheers to the 2nd post for the day! Confession: I have a vintage obsession. When I find a striking piece I often imagine the type of woman who wore that piece before me. I imagine the woman who owned this romper was fun, flirty and charming... Everything I wanted to feel while roaming the streets of New Haven with the boo. In between shopping and trying new foods, we managed to shoot a few pics. Enjoy!

Fashion / 12.08.2013

Hey lovelies! The boo and I are staying with family on the East for a couple of weeks. We were driving through East Village in Manhattan, New York and decided to snap a couple OOTD pictures. If I can sum up this look in one word, I'd say Summer. No makeup, No jewelry, just comfort.

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