The rain won’t last forever

The first week of the year has come and gone as I still don’t have a 2018 checklist laid out to slay. A misfit- especially this time of year, I mean EVERYONE has got it all together right? This year, I’m taking it reaaallyyy slow. I’m focused on working towards micro goals daily, remaining present and being intentional about not doing just to do everything must have a purpose. This year, I’m just figuring life out. The truth is I’ve shot a bunch of content the last quarter of 2017 never sharing them to the blog or social media because as much as I love shooting, it began to feel inorganic.My sweet husband has been so patient with me, taking and editing photos only for them to sit in google drive haha. Perfect images, remaining silent so I can fit in with the others and tucking away my truth had grown less and less appealing to me so at the time I made a conscious decision to share less and be present more.  I cannot be the woman to miss the beauty of life around her because she’s too busy documenting or planning for documentation. Hashtag: It still happened even if there are no pictures 2018! Lol

I ask that you forgive me as I figure how out how to share myself with you in a way thats also healthy for me.  Forgive me as I spend more time being a newlywed, adjusting to spending time with my other loves cooking, art and nature and living in the robust city of Las Vegas. Looks and “fashion” will always be a part of what I share but I’m moving away from picture perfect towards more me. Consider this my rainy season as I don’t know how long it’ll take me to figure this thing out. I ask you to bear with me as my leaves change. The process may not be beautiful but it is necessary….ok, now I’m rambling. Thanks for listening mkay bye. 

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