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When you do something wrong, apologize. When you make a decision, explain yourself. I’m not saying you have to explain yourself to everyone, but at least the people you’ve expressed interest in whether it was romantic or platonic. We often have this mindset that we don’t owe anybody anything and can do whatever we want, whenever we want, even if it puts others in the position to be hurt. Taking responsibility for your actions shouldn’t be a burden or even a second thought. If you believe in the decisions you make, you should  be able to explain them. I think if more people were holding each-other accountable this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. However, instead people are leaving relationships/ friendships with the uncertainty of what was or without the closure they needed. This action essentially inflicts confusion, pain,  and mistrust in future relationships. It sucks that this is what our society has boiled down to. And quite frankly, I’m tired of seeing people hurt and baggage transferred from relationship to relationship. From experience, I’ve learned that you’ll never be able to control anyone’s actions but your own. So you have two choices, be bitter or be better. It took a while for me to learn that and sometimes I have to relearn this, but one day it finally stuck. I’m the shit! It took God explaining to me through experiences who I am, to realize what I am. I no longer need  explanations from people who don’t  even understand themselves. That’s pathetic! It’s even more pathetic to allow someone to hold that type of power over you. Don’t play yourself!  My healing comes from one place and that’s from the expert of love ,God.  We all have access to him.  To my hurt souls who believe in him: Why not actually try using him for a change?!  If you’re one that doesn’t  necessary believe in the power of his works, connect with your higher source of power, there’s always healing to be found there too.  It’s basic… Loved people, love people . So lets learn to LOVE; people. Happy Sabbath Babes!

All Photos by: Ned

Details: Playsuit- ANN TAYLOR LOFT| Shoes- PAPER FOX via Shoedazzle


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