Sundays Thoughts..

I am who I am. I like to experience things, try new hair… find myself!  Apparently that’s what 20’s are all about. Some days I do better, other days I don’t, thats just life. Either way I learned it’s okay. I’ve learned  regardless the situation always move…  forward that is! Whether it’s a situation you consider “good” keep at that and think about ways you can make it “great”. In situations you consider “bad”, give to that part too, but just in a different way. Ask yourself, does or will this align with my long-term goals? If not, cut that shit off. ( excuse my French ).  Love yourself and get rid of distractions, make that “situation” better. You deserve it!  Anyway, this is just what’s been on my heart and I’m also pretty sure I needed to tell myself -because I still don’t have this thing all the way figured out. Welp, this was Sunday. Thanks for stopping by and actually reading what I’ve had to say today.  xoxo – Patrice.


 Photos by: Samuel Blot

Details: Top -Fashion Nova|  Jeans -Old Navy| Bag- WhoWhatWear



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