Fashion / 25.04.2017

Hey loves! Sorry I've been away for a while. My schedule became crazy hectic and a few lemons were thrown my way; but don't worry we're making lemonade *Insert "flipping hair" emoji*. Upon backdrop scouting in LA with Thai and Sam, he happened to find the signature "blogger wings", and clearly, I couldn't resist. If you know me, you know how I feel when it comes to the symbolism of freedom.
Fashion / 08.03.2017

To be a woman.. A woman is STRONG because she has to be. Her environment motivates her, whether by words of encouragement or attitude of patronizing superiority.  A woman is KIND because she learned no act of kindness could ever be wasted. A woman GIVES because she genuinely cares without expectation. A woman is LOYAL because she knows love as she births love. A woman is SMART because she chooses to feed her mind, body and soul. A woman is UNDERSTANDING because she sees beyond the surface. A woman is PATIENT because she lived through life deciding to grow into a...