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Sometimes life violently reminds us that nothing in the world is permanent and predictable. Comfort can become a dangerous thing because we forget how to nurture, show love and care for the people and places most meaningful to us. Sometimes our worlds are shaken up to remind us that we don’t get to be mediocre. We should live both passionately and purposefully because we have now have the opportunity to do it and life mustn’t be taken for granted.

A wise man once told me to stay focused because I have greatness to offer the world. He said that he would be disappointed if I didn’t have more than him at his age. I thought, “Wow” this is a man that possesses value greater than assets. He had so much heart to give and had lived such a full life that he was no longer living to gain. His passion was to give in whatever form he saw best, and though his life was exemplary, I wanted to brush off his words.

Instead of letting his words inspire me, I hid because his expectations challenged me to raise the bar in a way that requires confidence. Confidence to fail over and over again, studying my failures to discover why it didn’t work and then giving it another shot. It would require hard work, ambition and laser focus rather than shooting my shot just to land somewhere….anywhere. 

I get it now. Today, I know that the only way to show appreciation for the limited amount of time we have on this earth is to be the best that we can be. I know that I can’t become my best without sacrificing comfort and potentially humiliating myself a few or more times. I also know that there needs to be a balance between working hard and loving on those who mean most- these are the people you learn life with. These are the people who deserve your time. Thank you for your message. 

This post is dedicated to Uncle Claude. Sometimes, you irked my nerves but my greatest memory of you is that you walked into my life and changed it for the better. Thank you for your service to this world and the impact you’ve made on everyone who has met you. We love you and may you rest in peace. – Thaina

All photos by Samuel Blot


Hat- Asos| Dress-WhoWhatWear| Jacket (old) Bebe| Shoes (old) Nordstrom

  • DymondM
    Posted at 20:54h, 27 February Reply

    I think this captures him quite well.

    • Thaina
      Posted at 03:50h, 11 March Reply

      Thank you. May he rest in peace.

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