Few things are better than a Sister

I woke up with so much gratitude for the relationships I have in this life so I prayed and expressed that gratitude before getting into this post. One major blessing and one of the most important relationship I have in this life is with my sister. She has been my pain killer in life form. On days, when we can’t see ourselves, we see each other. Sisterhood is truly a special kind of love. Ours is ever evolving and we weren’t always close but as we matured we’ve learn not to treat time as unwaning and to make use of this support system that’s on a tier of its own.

We have the tendency to treat family with such permanence that we are more immediate in fostering our social friendships than the ones we have in our family. I don’t know about you but my experience has been when seasons and friends change so does our involvement with the people we call friends- but family is different. Even if the involvement with our family has to change, I’ve found it impossible to love them any less. 

We’re not twins, we’ve four years apart but walk hand in hand, twerk and play regularly and coordinate outfits because that’s what girls in love do.

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All photos taken by Samuel Blot at the beautiful Element Hotel in Huntsville, Al.

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